You may think that the Philips Hue bulb is just a regular light that will deliver simple and plain effect inside your room, but wait until you are able to operate the bulbs by using your iPhone or iPad. You can see that the effect presented by the light is completely new and it will increase the atmosphere and feel inside your house. The lights may be similar to the regular lamps, but once you are able to operate and adjust them, you will see how sophisticated they are.

Philips Hue Bulb Features and Highlights

Why spend your money for this smart led bulb? The question is commonly asked. I, for one, had this question on my mind too, before I buy this Philips Hue Bulb. But when I have it, I realize that it is very worth the price. It could be the very beginning of technology – revolutionary in bulb electricity! Here are my reviews:

Philips Hue Bulb

Philips Hue Bulb.

The Advanced Technology

One of the coolest aspects about having these special lights around is the different ambiance and effect it delivers. When you change the setting, the effect will be different too and that will change the whole look. You can easily adjust and change everything with the swipe of your fingertips because the bulbs can be operated through your iPhone or your iPhone. The provided software allows you to make changes and to adjust the setting easily.  Simply choose, swipe, and use this technology to deliver different effect to your house.

The Easy and Simple Application

Philips Hue Fun Bulb

Philips Hue Bulb

Everything about this Philips hue is very simple and easy. The installation is very easy as you only need to choose the spot that you want and install the bulb as you wish. The adjustment is very easy as you can set up the settings and also the changes with the touch of your fingers and from your mobile phones. The changes are also easy because you only need to choose whatever effects you want and have a go with it. If you want bright and sunny effect, you can have a full energy setting. If you want a soft and dimmed effect, you can change it. Remember, having soft light doesn’t mean that you will make your room dark.

The Quality and the Compact Package

This set comes within a very affordable and also very compact design. The three bulbs are very lightweight, slim, and compact, so you can carry them anywhere you want to. The company has user friendly feature in mind so they make sure that you can always install the bulbs and remove them easily without hassle.  The package case is also stylish and good in quality. Even after using one and you feel like removing it and keeping it inside the case, the quality of the light won’t be affected.

Philips Hue Bulb to Operate

Philips Hue Lightbulbs

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Using Phillips Hue bulbs are basically just the same as the regular bulbs. Since the bulbs have been designed in user friendly mode, you can install one at any spot that you like. Once it is installed firmly, you can change the settings by using the iPhone or iPad. Keep in mind that these bulbs are special because of the special software provided for iPad or iPhone users. If you don’t have those devices, the bulbs will operate as regular lamps and there won’t be any special effects you can enjoy from them.

If you really like high tech performance and you don’t really mind spending more than $200 for a set of these bulbs, then these bulbs are the perfect one for you.  The Philips Hue bulb is certainly a sophisticated light that can deliver different effect.